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Help Topic: General Rules

Insults, rudeness, or offending another member's race, culture, religion, ethnic background, sexual diversity, or specific group via direct or indirect insults or stereotype is considered flaming and will not be tolerated. This rule includes Trolling such as trolling in posts/topics created to ignite flaming or provoke it.

Adult Content
If any type of pornographic or adult content is posted, advertised or given access to, meaning it contains no censoring or visibility of certain parts it will be deleted along with the member. Also, you may not post any sexually-explicit language; keep it clean.

Illegal Activities
The posting of links to or questions about warez, pirated media, emulators/roms or game modding, whether used for resale or private use is deemed as illegal activities and will be given penalties.

Ban Evasion
Attempts to evade banishment by creating a new account with either a new name, email or IP address will get that alternate account banned along with the other and can cause a longer ban.

Spam is an offense in this forum. Posts which are unrelated to or have no connection with the topic at hand will be given penalties. Other types of spam can be asking questions in boards/ topics it doesn't belong (trolling) or double posting.

Double Posting
We have an edit button feature to allow you to make any edits / corrections to your posts. Double posting, which is back-to-back posting is not tolerated. The only time you may double post is to bump a topic in which your post is the last post and was posted 24 hours ago. Do not bump your topic if 24 hours have not elapsed. You may also double post when posting important news if you choose to keep your comments and the news separate.
Note: We understand that sometimes computers are unreliable and expeirience lag. If you double posted by accident, please notify us here and a staff member may assist you soon.

Hot Linking: Posting an image/video or anything like this with a direct link to the original site is considered hot linking.

Ripping off other members' work or members of other forums and claiming it as your own is considered ripping. You must always ask for permission to use work that is not yours and proper credit must be given to the source or creator. Ripping can also be stealing anything from sites such as Graphical work, CAWs, Codes, and claiming it as your own.

Advertising Advertising a website or forum, whether it is yours or not, is strictly prohibited. You may only advertise in your signature area and nowhere else.

CDX reserves the right to modify the rules without notice. Please make sure to check the rules periodically to ensure you are up to date.