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Help Topic: Signatures & Avatars

Standard signatures are simply images in the format of .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG or .BMP. The most commonly used format to save in would be .JPG as it gives you a good quality but also a small file size so it is recommended on forums.

Size: The overall size of a signature image must be no bigger than 550 pixels wide and no bigger than 350 pixels high, this also applies to members who have two signature images, two images of 550X350 is not allowed. These sizes are set as this to prevent the forum stretching.

Below is the size limit in image form:

Amount: You may have as many signatures as you can fit within the overall signature size limit. If you go over the limit, we will remove it.

File Size: The maximum filesize of a signature or avatar is 1.5MB (MegaBytes), the reason for this is we would like to prevent a long forum load time for members with a slow speed internet. Signatures which exceed this limit will be removed.

Content: Abusive language and nudity will not be tolerated in signatures, you will most likely receive a suspension for these actions.

Character Limit: The maximum character limit on this forum is set too 400 characters, if you want to add some links to your signature and have run out of space you could try using a redirect service such as TinyURL.