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check this out please?

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Posted 21 May 2012 - 04:23 PM

So i wrote this in about 15 minutes to this instrumental, tell me what you think?


I'm only fourteen being in the rap game thats my dream
Trynna be a legend be remembered forever, Kareem
Expensive ass clothes, expensive ass shirts, Supreme
Gucci wallet, all you find in it is my MasterCard and green
Addicted to music this shit my life, like Cocaine to a fien
Hungry as fuck, eating these eggs for protein with a side beans
Skinny as fuck, 140 & 5'11, don't believe in god or heaven
Make you mothafuckas remember me like 9/11
No disrespect
But just because I'm fourteen don't neglect my intellect


All you bitches that use instagram ain't photographers, it's a simple effect
Posers on the Internet, couldn't spell if it wasn't for spell check
Teachers say I ain't goin' anywhere wit my life
Bitch, ya pay check says 30,000 a year
Wit this rap career I'll make that in one day
Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not today, but I'll be more than happy to write down the fucking date
All the word play they couldn't teach me at school
The only useful tool they gave me was pencil and a paper
Life is full of bumpy roads and obstacles, moon craters
But I'll just hover over them... alright later