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Posted 01 May 2008 - 05:57 PM

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FAQ Of Questions That Are Asked A Lot
Written By: ॐﮢ ҜĢ¤ וּלقۗ*

There Are Some Question Always Ask, Here Are The Answers.

Note : All The Words In Blue And Italic , Are Available On The Web Site, In The Code Index.

1°:||: Can I make the divas in the game nude with codes ?
No it is not possible to do this due to the clothing being part of the superstar model.

2°:||: Can I Modify The Superstars ? Add Hat, Jacket... To A Superstar ?
No. You Can't. A Superstar Model Is Not Editable.

3°:||: Can I change the attributes with codes?
Yes you can do this with [Attribute Point Modifiers (Superstars & CAWs)].
Don't Increase More Than 3 Or 4 Abilities To 255. BeCause There Is Some Problems. Such As "Auto-Give Up"...

4°:||: Can I Play With Chris Benoit ?
He Is A No Model (No Model 3) In The Game. You Can't Play With The No Model, The Only Thing You Can Do Is Copy This Move-Set. To Do This, Add No Model 3 [Add/Remove Caracters], Copy The Move-Set (Named As 0), Then Remove No Model 3[Add/Remove Caracters].

5°:||: Can I Made The Diva Payable In All Matches ?
Yes, You Can. There Is 3 Solutions.

- 1st Solution : Use The [Gender Modifiers (Superstars)] To Change The Gender Of The Divas To Male. (But They Can't Compete For Women Title) This Method Is Savable.

- 2nd Solution : Use The [Pre-Match Mod] And Use The Play As... Code. The Apparence Of The Upper Left Caracter Will Be For Example Maria. This Method Is Savable.
- 3rd Solution : Or You Can Use The [Add A Second Set Of Divas] Code. Like That You Could Have A Set Of Divas Who Can Compete For The Title, And A Set Of Divas Who Can Be Playable In All Matches.

If You Don't Like What No Model Is Replaced By What Divas, You Can Do A 2nd Set Of Divas By Yourself.

This Is The Method To Add A 2nd Set Of Divas :

- Add The No Models With [Add/Remove Caracters]
- Use The [Superstars ID] To Replace The No Model By A Diva
- Use The [Text Mod] To Modify Their Name
- Use The [Attribute Mod], To Modify Their Attributes.
- And Use The [Selection Screen Mod], To Place The No Models (New Divas) In The Roster.

6°:||: How Can I Unlock The Second Attire Of Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy... ?
You CAN'T. There Is Not An Alternate Attire For Rey, Jeff Hardy...
There Are Only : DXs Attires, Kelly Kelly Alternate Attire,Vice McMahon Bald.
All Others Things Are Rumors.
Also, If You Want Unlock Kelly Kelly Alternate Fit, Use The [Unlock Everything] Code.

7°:||: How Can I Use The Music And The Motion Of Stephanie McMahon Or Maria ?
You Can't. There are Not Music And Motion For These Superstars In The Game.
You Can Only Use Steph Titantron, With The [Advance & Easy Entrance Modifier] Codes.

8°:||: How Can I Play With Eddie Guerrero, Sgt Slaughter And Jim Neidhart ?
You Can't.You Can Only Copy Their Move-Set. To Do This, Add No Model 3 [Add/Remove Caracters], Copy The Move-Set (Named As 0), Then Remove No Model 3[Add/Remove Caracters].

9°:||: How Can I Go On The Top Of The Chamber, The Smackdown Fist... How Can I "Fly" ?
Use This Code As A Taunt For The Caracter You Want To "Fly" : 00A4.
Go In Move-Set Mod Section, Choose A Caw/Superstar, Then Fill The ???? Of The Taunt With This Value.
Also You Can Use This Code To Leave The Steel Cage.

10°:||: Can I Have The Code To Change The Table Finishers ?
This Is Not Possible, The Values And Adresses Havn't Been Found.
And Please Stop Make Topics To Ask If The Code Have Been Found.

11°:||: How Can I Put Weapons On Top Of The Cell ?
Use The [Ability To Drop Weapons On/Off] Code

12°:||: Can I Have The Code To Make A HIAC Inside A Cage Or the other way around?
It's Not Possible In SvR 08. The Game Freeze, Same With A Invisible Cage.

13°:||: How Can I Play With MVP, Bobby Lashley, CM Punk, Maria, Ashley, Kelly Kelly, The Rock...ect. In 24/7 ?
Use The [24/7 Caracters Modifiers], Like THat, You Can Use Caracters That Are Normaly Non-Playable In 24/7.

14°:||: The Fighting Stance Code Does Not Work For Me, Why ?
The FP Have Some Problems. Sometimes It Works, Sometimes Not. This Already Worked For HBK FP Only For Someone.
That's All.

15°:||: How Leave The Ring In Royal Rumbe ?
Use The [Royal Rumble (Can Leave The Ring)] Code In The Hacked Matches Forum.

16°:||: I am having problems with the [Selection Screen Modifiers], Can You Give Me A Solution ?
In SvR 08, You Must Move The Entire Roster To Use the Code Correctly.

17°:||: Can I Have More Than 2 Finishers ?

18°:||: How Do I Do A Reverse Move ? Like Super Kick, But With The Other Leg ?
Add 8000 To The Value Of The Move.
For Example :
1305 = Super Kick | Add 8000 ---> 1305 + 8000 = 9305 | 9305 = Reverse Super Kick

19°:||: Can I Replace A Superstar Slot By A Caw, To Have 31 Caw ?
No. You Can't Have More Than 30 Caw. There Is No Way To Do That.

20°:||: Can I Have The Code To Replace The Pin Move ?
You Can't. This Code Does Not Exist.

21°:||: How Do I Put Downloaded Saves/Patches On My Memory Card ?
First, You Must Have A Cheat Device with that capabilty. Then Read The Instructions.

- For Action Replay (Explain By ॐﮢ ҜĢ¤ וּלقۗ*)

- For Codebreaker (Explain By Sergio)

22°:||: Where Can Get Code For X-Box Or PS3 ?
You Can't ! Actually There Isn't A Cheat Device For These Console.

23°:||: How Can I Hack A No Model Slot To A Caw ?
It's Not Possible, It Will Freeze.

24°:||: Is there any way to have the ECW announcer (Justin Roberts) to announce on SD! And The SD! announcer (Tony Chimmel) to announce on ECW ?
NO. It's Not Possible !

25°:||: How Are The No Models ?
Sergio Found That The No Models Are :

No Model 1 = RVD
No Model 2 = Kurt Angle
Motion Test 01 = Chris Jericho (same empty slot from SvR07)
No Model 3 = Chris Benoit
No Model 4 = The Boogeyman
No Model 5 = Blood Sample Model from SvR07 (Eric Bischoff's slot from SvR)
No Model 6 = Jillian Hall
Motion Test 02 = Big Show
No Model 7 = Psicosis
No Model 8 = Super Crazy
No Model 9 = Trevor Murdoch
No Model 10 = Lance Cade
No Model 11 = Shelton Benjamin
No Model 12 = Joey Mercury

NONE Of The No Model Is Playable.

26°:||: Can I Use The Values Of Moves From The Previous Games ?
The Only Way To Know Is To Try It By Yourself, Cause Sometimes It Works For One Move, And Sometimes It Doesn't Work For An Other Move. If It Freeze And You Hack The Move In The Good Position, That Means That The Move Have Been Deleted, Removed.

26°:||: I Want My Caw's Call Name Is "The Rock"
It's Not Possible. The Superstars Call Names Have Not Been Found, And Will Never Been Found.

27°:||: Are there extra-blood codes, or are there codes that make a character bleed from the arms, neck, etc.?
This is not possible.

All Topics On One Of These Questions Will Be Closed, Or Deleted.