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Posted 19 December 2011 - 04:22 AM

Haven't posted a topic in here in a bit. My Typing sucked back then, still doe's. for those of who don't me. I used to be Bandit. So yeah. This has been in my mind, enjoy.

Lately I've head thoughts in my head. Thoughts about where my future
is heading. Been working at this job now for two years now. Longest
job I've ever had. Not to bad of a job, just stand there. All day,
greet people. With a fake smile, as in the inside. Piece by piece,
I'm dying. Wondering why am I here? We only get one life,
one life to live. To our fullest yet I'm here. Making nothing,
out of my life. Never gonna move up. Ever day dream?
I do that, most time when I'm not smiling. Nor talking.

It's funny, when I was young. I wanted to be a wrestler.
Traval the world. Meet new people, see new place's. Try new things.
Now I've grown, into a man. A young man, to only realize.
To get somewhere, it takes. Luck, skill, and determnation.
Life moves to fast. To fast for me anyway. You know, my currant
dream is to be a rockstar. Crazy right? Same reasons.
Not completly for the money. I realized I love
playing the guitar, if though I'm just starting
out. I love just sitting there, on the couch.
Making up words, that come into mind.

And yes, a lot of them do sound stupid. I've come to terms
that I won't be a rockstar, in a band. Travaling the world.
Making music, bringing back the classic style of the rock n roll.
Real music.

One day, when. If I have a child. Hopfully the child.
Can see the world, I never saw. Maybe show the world it's
possible. To live the life you've been given. Live it
to it's limit.