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What's "Legal" and What's Not

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Posted 30 January 2011 - 10:12 AM

Ok, not going to waste too much time, but please refrence this post if you are wishing to ask any of our game hackers for codes or game modifications.

I'll start off with the legal hacks that anyone who has the equipment and knows how to use it can do.

  • Request for "Codes" for devices such as "Action Replay" and "Codebreakers"
  • You can ask for Game Saves for games
  • You can post your own generated codes for custom matches etc.

  • You cannot ask for the likes of "Disc Hacking". This is a breeching of the terms and conditions that each game is supplied with. Doing this can be punishable like stealing a car.
  • Link or suggest places where disc hacking takes place. We stayed away from that "part of town" and will continue to do so.

Like the first Dont states, disc hacking is where the image burned onto the disc that you play the games on is changed. If you go to the C:\ of your computer all those folders are basically the same idea on a game disc. BUT CHANGING THESE IS ILLEGAL! You could get into trouble with the police and recieve a fine, or you could even be sued by the game maker themselves. WE WILL NOT FORCE YOU NOT TOO, BUT WE WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR TROUBLE YOU GET INTO!

Apon finding topics that any moderator or above deems illegal we will delete the topic from the board, but unfortunalty I will personally go much, much further. Developers spend a lot of time and effort making these games, and I dont want to see people going and undoing their hard work. For this post onwards, should I catch anyone asking for topics like this I will try my best to ensure your life made a living hell.

Thank you for reading this post. If you require futher clarification please dont hesitate in dropping me a PM or the like.