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Complete Front-grapple CAF Animations List!

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Posted 28 October 2014 - 09:50 PM

Be forewarned that this list is VERY long (about 12 book-length pages!).

Here's the list:

4277--Big Boot Finish
42CC--Backbreaker Clutch 02
42CD--Chokeslam Clutch 02
42CE--DDT Clutch 04
42CF--Oklahoma Clutch 02
42D0--Piledriver Clutch 02
42D1--Powerbomb Clutch 02
42D2--Samoan Drop Clutch 03
42D4--Suplex Clutch 02
42D5--Argentine Clutch 02
42D7--Stunner 01 Finish
42D9--Knee Facebuster Finish
42DA--Swing Neckbreaker Finish
42DB--RKO 01 Finish
42DC--Codebreaker 01 Finish
42DD--Sweet Chin Music Finish
42DE--Samoan Spike Finish
42E0--Backstabber Finish
42E1--Backbreaker Clutch 06
42E2--Two-handed Chokeslam Clutch 04
42E3--Throat Thrust Finish
42E4--Powerful Punch Finish
42E5--Trouble in Paradise Finish
42E6--Clothesline 01 Finish
42E7--Spinning Roundhouse Kick Finish
42E8--Clothesline 02 Finish
42E9--Enzuigiri 01 Finish
42EA--Buzzsaw Kick Finish
4330--Backbreaker Clutch 01
4331--Chokeslam Clutch 01
4332--DDT Clutch 01
4333--Oklahoma Clutch 01
4334--Piledriver Clutch 01
4335--Powerbomb Clutch 01
4336--Samoan Drop Clutch 01
4338--Suplex Clutch 01
4339--Argentine Clutch 01
433B--Reverse DDT Clutch 01
433C--Tombstone Piledriver Clutch 01
433D--Two-handed Chokeslam Clutch 01
433E--Lift Up Clutch
433F--Hijack Clutch 01
4340--Rana Clutch 01
4341--Jawbreaker 01
4342--Bite into Powerbomb Hold
4343--Pump Handle Clutch 01
43C6--Wrestling Style Back Position
43C7--Front to Back
43C8--Flying Clothesline Finish
43C9--Tiger Spin
43CA--Front to Front 01
43CB--Thrust Kick
43CC--Stunner Clutch 01
43CD--Stunner Clutch 02
43CE--Stunner Clutch 03
43D0--Front to Front 02
43D1--Cobra Clutch to Front
43D2--Running Position
43D3--Back to Front
43D5--Clothesline to Front
43D6--Back to Back
43D7--Rolling German Suplex
43D8--Full Nelson to Back
43D9--DDT Clutch 02
43E0--Stunner 02 Finish
43E1--RKO 02 Finish
43E2--Asai DDT Finish
43E3--Neckbreaker 01 Finish
43E4--Running Clothesline Finish
43E5--Running Spear Finish
43E6--Running Side Kick Finish
43E7--Running Kick?
43E8--Running Chop Finish
43E9--Samoan Drop Clutch 02
43EB--DDT Clutch 03
43F8--Poison Fog
43F9--Eye Rake
43FA--Knee Thrust
43FB--Gut Kick
43FC--Body Blow
43FD--Quick Groin Strike
43FE-- Back Kick to the Groin
43FF--Front Kick to the Groin
4400--Gut Punch
4401--Measured Strike to the Head
4402--Upward Thrust Strike
4403--Eye Poke
4404--Mid-section Knee Strike
4405--Kneel Down Groin Strike
4406--Lifting Knee Thrust
4407--Back of the Head Slap
445E--Small Package Finish
445F--DDT 02 Finish
4460--Neckbreaker 02 Finish
4461--Mongolian Chop
4462--Spin Roundhouse Kick Finish
4463--Jumping High Knee Finish
4464--Super Kick Finish
4465--Woman's Slap
4466--Jawbreaker 02 Finish
4467--Neckbreaker 03 Finish
4468-Codebreaker 02 Finish
4469--Leaping Reverse STO Finish
446A--Leg Hook Reverse STO Finish
446B--Facebuster Finish
446C--Judgment Slam Finish
446D--Jawbreaker 03 Finish
446E--Judo Hip Toss Finish
446F--STO Finish
4470--Regal Cutter Finish
4471--DDT 03 Finish
4472--Side Effect Finish
4473--German Suplex to Back
4474--Victory Roll Finish
4475--Jumping Leg Drop Finish
4476--Reverse DDT Clutch 02
4477--Twist of Fate 02 Finish
4478--Jumping Armbreaker Finish
447A--Enzuigiri 02 Finish
447B--Edge-O-Matic Finish
447C--Throw Back Finish
447D--Bulldog 01 Finish
447E--Electric Chair 01 Finish
447F--Vise Grip
4480--One Hand Bulldog Finish
4481--Back Suplex 03 Finish
4495--Killswitch Finish
4496--Reverse DDT Finish
4497--Half Nelson Suplex 01 Finish
4498--Side Slam Finish
4499--Flash Back Finish
449A--Full Nelson Bomb Finish
449B--Back Suplex 02 Finish
449C--Full Nelson Slam Finish
449D--German Suplex 01 Finish
449E--Wrestling Hero Slam Finish
449F--Final Cut Finish
44A0--Back Suplex Neckbreaker Finish
44A1--R W and B Thunder Bomb Finish
44A2--Cross Rhodes Finish
44A3--Dream Street Finish
44A4--Back Suplex 01 Finish
44A5--Half Nelson Suplex 02 Finish
44A6--Sidewalk Slam Finish
44A7--Back Suplex Bottom 01 Finish
44A8--Reverse Swing Neckbreaker Finish
44A9--Back Suplex Bottom 02 Finish
44AA--Backslide Finish
44AD--Roll Up Finish
44AE--Cobra Clutch
44AF--Cobra Clutch Backbreaker 01
44B0--Cobra Clutch Backbreaker 02 Finish
44B2--Cobra Clutch Strangles
44B3--Crucifix Finish
44B4--DDT 04 Finish
44B5--Back Headbutt
44B6--Back Stabber Finish
44B7--Bulldog 02 Finish
44B9--DDT 05 Finish
44BA--DDT 06 Finish
44BC--School Boy Finish
44BF--Running STO Finish
44C0--High Angle Clutch 01
44C2--Powerbomb Clutch 03
44C3--Pedigree Clutch
44C4--Hijack Clutch 02
44C5--Belly-to-Back Inverted Mat Slam 01
44C8--Angry Cutthroat Gesture
44C9--Bicep Kiss Taunt
44CA--Upward Point Taunt
44CB--Destroy Taunt
44CC--The Warrior's Prayer Taunt
44CD--Mystifying Taunt
44D0--Cigar Burn Taunt
44D1--Single Crotch Chop
44D2--Triple Crotch Chop
44D4--Lift Piledriver Clutch 01
456A--Partial Powerbomb Lift 01
456B--Powerbomb Drop
456C--Powerbomb Impact 01 Finish
456D--Facebuster Drop
456E--Sit-out Facebuster Impact Finish
456F--Gory Bomb Lift
4570--Gory Bomb Clutch
4571--Gory Bomb Impact Finish
4572--Gory Special Lift
4573--Gory Special Clutch
4574--Gory Special Impact Finish
4575--Partial Jackknife Lift
4576--Jackknife Impact Finish
4577--Partial Powerbomb Lift 02
4578--Powerbomb Impact 02 Finish
4579--Quick Powerbomb Lift
457A--Quick Powerbomb Impact
457B--The Last Ride Lift
457C--The Last Ride Impact Finish
457D--Backdrop Neckbreaker Lift
457E--Backdrop Neckbreaker Impact Finish
457F--Spiral Bomb Lift
4580--Spiral Bomb Impact Finish
4581--Switch German Suplex Lift
4582--Switch German Suplex Impact Finish
4590--Lift Piledriver Clutch 02
4591--Oklahoma Clutch 09
45CE--Partial Shoulder Backbreaker Lift
45CF--Shoulder Backbreaker Impact Finish
45D0--Full Throttle Step
45D1--Full Throttle Impact Finish
45D2--Shoulder Breaker Step
45D3--Shoulder Breaker Impact Finish
45D4--Devastator Lift
45D5--Devastator Impact Finish
45EF--Double Arm Suplex Impact Finish
45F0--Double Arm DDT Impact Finish
45F1--Pedigree Impact Finish
45FF--Double Arm Bomb 01
4600--Double Arm Bomb 02
4601--Double Arm Bomb 03
4650--Crashlanding Impact 01 Finish
4652--Crashlanding Pin Finish
4653--Head Crash Landing Impact Finish
4655--Hijack Clutch 07
46C0--Gory Special Bomb Finish
46FA--Partial Cliffhanger Drop
46FB--Cliffhanger Impact Finish
46FC--360 High Angle Thunder Spin
46FD--High Angle Thunder Impact Finish
46FE--Partial Guillotine Drop
46FF--Guillotine Impact Finish
4700--Partial Tiger Bomb Lift
4701--Tiger Bomb Impact Finish
4702--High Angle Powerbomb Step
4703--High Angle Powerbomb Drop
4704--High Angle Powerbomb Impact Finish
4705--Turbo Drop Lift
4706--Turbo Drop Impact Finish
4720--Headlock Wrench
475E--Rising Sun Lift
475F--Rising Sun Impact Finish
4760--Powerful Knee Thrust
4761--Powerful Knee Thrust & Spin Out Finish
4762--Kick Out DDT Clutch
4763--Kick Out DDT Impact Finish
4764--Old School DDT Drop
4765--Old School DDT Impact Finish
4766--Partial Spinning Neckbreaker
4767--Spinning Neckbreaker Impact Finish
4768--Awakening Neckbreaker Clutch
4769--Awakening Neckbreaker Step
476A--Awakening Neckbreaker Impact Finish
476B--Necklock Suplex Drop
476C--Necklock Suplex Impact Finish
476D--Edgecution Drop
476E--Edgecution Impact Finish
476F--Mickie DDT Clutch
4770--Mickie DDT Impact Finish
47C2--Shima Driver Lift
47C3--Shima Driver Impact Finish
47C4--Northern Lights Diver Clutch
47C5--Northern Lights Driver Impact Finish
47C6--Partial Swing Side Neckbreaker
47C7--Swing Side Neckbreaker Impact Finish
47C8--Crashlanding Clutch
47C9--Crashlanding Impact 02 Finish
47CA--Northern Lights Bomb Lift
47CB--Northern Lights Bomb Impact Finish
47CC--Heaving Northern Lights Bomb Lift
47CD--Heaving Northern Lights Bomb Impact Finish
47CE--Gordbuster Lift
47CF--Gordbuster Impact 01 Finish
47D0--Suplex Lift 01
47D1--Suplex Impact 01 Finish
47D2--Body Splash Suplex Lift
47D3--Body Splash Suplex Impact Finish
47D4--Back Suplex Lift
47D5--Back Suplex Impact Finish
47D6--Rolling Suplex Lift
47D7--Rolling Suplex Drop
47D8--Rolling Suplex Impact
47D9--Gut Buster Lift
47DA--Gut Buster Impact Finish
488A--Fisherman Buster Clutch
488B--Fisherman Buster Impact Finish
488C--Vertical Fisherman Buster Clutch
488D--Stalling Vertical Fisherman Buster
488E--Vertical Fisherman Buster Impact Finish
488F--Leglock French Bomb Clutch
4890--Leglock French Bomb Impact Finish
4891--Fisherman Suplex Clutch 02
4892--Fisherman Suplex Impact Finish
4893--Vertical Fisherman Buster Lift
4894--Forward Vertical Fisherman Impact
4895--Fisherman Suplex Hold Finish
48AF--Oklahoma Clutch 05
48B0--Tombstone Piledriver Clutch 02
48EE--Last Call Bend
48EF--Last Call Toss
48F0--Last Call Impact Finish
48F1--Swing Bottom Turn
48F2--Swing Bottom Throw
48F3--Swing Bottom Impact Finish
48F4--Vortex Backbreaker Twist
48F5--Vortex Backbreaker Spin-out
48F6--Vortex Backbreaker Impact Finish
48F7--Fall-away Facebuster Bend
48F8--Fall-away Facebuster Spin-out
48F9--Fall-away Facebuster Impact Finish
48FA--Backbreaker Lift
48FB--Backbreaker Impact Finish
48FC--Rolling Swing Bottom High Angle Twist
48FD--Rolling Swing Bottom Impact 01 Finish
48FE--Rolling Swing Bottom Downward Twist
48FF--Rolling Swing Bottom Spin-out
4900--Rolling Swing Bottom Impact 02 Finish
4901--Bulletride Lift
4902--Bulletride Impact Finish
4903--Wrestling Hero Slam Clutch 02
4904--Wrestling Hero Slam Impact 02 Finish
4905--BT Piledriver Lift
4906--BT Piledriver Impact Finish
4952--Step Piledriver
4953--Step Piledriver Impact Finish
4954--720 Step Piledriver
4955--720 Step Piledriver Impact Finish
4956--Half Step Piledriver
4957--Half Step Piledriver Impact Finish
4958--Jumping Piledriver Lift
4959--Jumping Piledriver Impact Finish
495A--Forward Leap Piledriver
495B--Forward Leap Piledriver Impact Finish
495C--Cradle Piledriver Clutch
495D--Cradle Piledriver Impact Finish
495E--Cradle Knee Piledriver Clutch
495F--Cradle Knee Piledriver Impact Finish
4960--Cradle Face Piledriver Clutch
4961--Cradle Face Piledriver Impact Finish
4970--Chokeslam Clutch 03
4971--Two-handed Chokeslam Clutch 02
4972--DDT Clutch 05
498F--Cut Throat Taunt 01
4990--Single Arm Raise Taunt
4991--360 Chokeslam Clutch Spin
4993--Rana Clutch 04
49B6--Chokeslam Lift
49B7--Chokeslam Impact Finish
49B8--Tsunami Bend
49B9--Tsunami Impact Finish
49BA--Boogeyslam Lift
49BB--Boogeyslam Impact Finish
49BC--Battering Ram Bend
49BD--Battering Ram Impact Finish
49BE--Flip Bottom Bend
49BF--Flip Bottom Impact Finish
49C0--The Rock Bottom Clutch
49C1--The Rock Bottom Impact Finish
49C2--Bedrock Drop Clutch
49C3--Bedrock Drop Impact Finish
49C4--Complete Shot Clutch
49C5--Complete Shot Impact Finish
49C6--Neckbreaker Clutch
49C7--Neckbreaker Impact Finish
4A3F--Smash Two-handed Chokeslam Drop
4A40--Backbreaker Clutch 05
4A7E--Two-handed Chokeslam Drop
4A7F--Two-handed Chokeslam Impact Finish
4A80--Executioner Clutch
4A81--Executioner Impact Finish
4A9F--Tombstone Piledriver Clutch 03
4AA0--Hijack Clutch 05
4AA1--Repeating Oklahoma Gutbuster
4AA4--Jumping Stomach Block Finish
4B7E--360 Samoan Drop Spin
4B7F--Backbreaker Clutch 04
4B80--Stomach Buster to Samoan Drop Clutch
4B81--Oklahoma Clutch 10
4B82--Argentine Clutch 03
4B84--DDT Clutch 06
4B85--Samoan Drop 02
4B86--Falcon Driver Finish
4BAA--Fireman Carry Drop
4BAB--Fireman Carry Impact Finish
4BAC--Frenchbomb Drop
4BAD--Frenchbomb Impact Finish
4BAE--Samoan Drop 01
4BAF--Samoan Drop Impact Finish
4BB0--Shock Drop
4BB1--Shock Impact Finish
4BB2--Swing Shoulder Cutter Drop
4BB3--Swing Shoulder Cutter Impact Finish
4BB4--Steamroller Drop
4BB5--Steamroller Impact Finish
4BB6--Death Valley Drop
4BB7--Death Valley Impact Finish
4BB8--Attitude Adjustment Drop
4BB9--Attitude Adjustment Impact Finish
4BBA--Go 2 Sleep Drop
4BBB--Go 2 Sleep Impact Finish
4BBC--Face Plant Clutch
4BBD--Face Plant Impact Finish
4BC0--Dreamer Driver Drop
4BC1--Dreamer Driver Impact Finish
4BD0--Military Press
4C0E--Repeated Military Presses
4C0F--Fall-away Military Press Slam Finish
4C10--Forward Lift-up Drop
4C11--Forward Lift-up Drop Impact Finish
4C12--Forward Body Press Drop
4C13--Forward Body Press Impact Finish
4C14--High Military Press Drop
4C15--High Military Press Impact Finish
4C16--Catapult Military Press
4C17--Forward Military Press Slam Finish
4CDC--Rolling Facebuster Drop
4CDD--Rolling Facebuster Impact
4CDE--Extreme Twist of Fate Pin Finish
4CDF--Reverse Drop
4CE0--Reverse Drop Impact Finish
4CE1--Suplex Drop
4CE2--Suplex Impact 03 Finish
4D01--Gut Buster & Samoan Clutch
4D02--Hijack Clutch 08
4D05--Vertical DDT Impact Finish
4D06--Pump Handle Clutch 05
4D3A--Black Hole Spin-out Drop
4D3B--Black Hole Spin-out Impact Finish
4D3C--Vicious Twist Spin
4D3D--Vicious Twist Impact Finish
4D3E--Reverse F-5 Drop
4D3F--Reverse F-5 Impact Finish
4D40--Reverse Attitude Adjustment Drop
4D41--Reverse Attitude Adjustment Impact Finish
4D42--Extreme Gut Buster Drop
4D43--Extreme Gut Buster Impact Finish
4D44--Swing Argentine Bomb Drop
4D45--Swing Argentine Bomb Impact Finish
4D46--Sitdown Shock Drop
4D47--Sitdown Shock Impact Finish
4D48--Rolling Side Buster Drop
4D49--Rolling Side Buster Spin-out
4D4A--Rolling Side Buster Impact Finish
4D4B--Victoria Driver Drop
4D4C--Victoria Driver Impact Finish
4D58--Springboard Hurricanrana Finish
4D59--Hurricanrana 01 Finish
4D5A--Hurricanrana Pin Finish
4D5B--Hurricanrana 02 Finish
4D5C--Hurricanrana 03 Finish
4D5D--Hurricanrana 04 Finish
4D5E--Manami Roll Pin Finish
4D5F--DDT Clutch 07
4D60--Powerbomb Clutch 06
4D61--Double Under Clutch
4D62--Powerbomb Clutch 05
4D63--Go Round Finish
4D64--Hurricanrana 05 Finish
4D65--DDT Impact Finish
4D66--Reverse Headscissor
4D67--Codebreaker 02
4E02--Pumphandle Drop Lift
4E03--Pumphandle Drop Impact Finish
4E04--Sidewalk Slam Lift
4E05--Sidewalk Slam Impact Finish
4E06--Pumphandle Suplex Lift
4E07--Pumphandle Suplex Impact Finish
4E08--Stretch Buster Lift
4E09--Stretch Buster Impact Finish
4E0A--Pumphandle Slam Lift
4E0B--Pumphandle Slam Impact Finish
4E0C--Sideways Clutch
4E0D--Sideways Impact Finish
4E0E--Drop Down Clutch
4E0F--Drop Down Pin Finish
4E10--Drop Down to Face Clutch
4E11--Drop Down to Face Impact Finish
4E12--Gut Wrench Suplex Clutch
4E13--Gut Wrench Suplex Impact Finish
4E14--Drop First Clutch
4E15--Drop First Impact Finish

Compiling this list took me around five hours, but it is well worth it, as it is (AFAIK) COMPLETE! Hack and be merry, for tonight, your opponents shall sip from the goblet of misery!

In my next post, I'll give a simple tutorial on how to edit front-grapple created finishers.