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Believe it or not--NEW Created-finisher info discovered!

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Posted 10 February 2015 - 06:50 PM

In addition to the various animation values for front-grapple created finishers, I've also found perhaps the Holy Grail of CAF info: the damage addresses!

There is a group of three bytes preceding most of the created finisher's info. For my Mewtron Bomb finisher, they looked like this (prior to maxing out): 80 01 30.

The first byte is (I believe) the damage byte. Setting it to FF maxes out the damage of the move (of course).

The second byte is what body part the move targets (00 = head, 01 = torso, et cetera). Setting this to FF makes the move target the WHOLE BODY.

The third byte seems to deal with how long the AI sells the move for. Maxing it out makes the AI stay down for a realistic length of time (as if the finisher is an actual "kill move").

A kill move is not a move which kills the opponent. It simply means that the move instantly KO's the opponent. However, in KO-enabled matches, it may still take a couple (even up to FIVE) finishers to win the match (due to the retarded referee refusing to give you the win).