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FINAL Final CAW list, Heel/Face listings, etc.

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Posted 26 June 2013 - 09:00 PM

Here is my FINAL final CAW list (there are still two slots open, but I'm not going to use them, because I like to make face/heel pairings for my CAWs (plus, have one copy of each CAW per show), and only two slots remain, so they're the "odd ones out", so to speak)):

Mewtwo--Face, Heavyweight, Mewtron Bomb & Psycho Crusher
Mewtwo Jr.--Face, Cruiserweight, Paradigm Shift & Quantum Leap
Mew 3--Face, Superheavyweight, Third Degree & Pokemonslaught
Mew 3 Jr.--Face, Light-heavyweight, Whiteout & White Noise (this is not the same move as Sheamus' current finisher)
Godzilla--Face, Ultraheavyweight, Zero G & Shockwave
Godzilla Jr.--Face, Heavyweight, Hiroshima & Nagasaki
Chill Penguin--Face, Light-heavyweight, Icepick & Penguin Plunge
Mechamewtwo--Heel, Ultraheavyweight, Cyberslam & The Iron Claw
Mechamewtwo Jr.--Heel, Heavyweight, Event Horizon & Singularity
Darkmew--Heel, Heavyweight, Last Rites & Funeral Dirge
Darkmew Jr.--Heel, Cruiserweight, Fade to Black & Dirt Nap
Gigan--Heel, Ultraheavyweight, Blitzkrieg & Gigan-go-Round
Gigan Jr.--Heel, Heavyweight, Gigan Cutter & Grim Reaper
Rage Shenron--Heel, Superheavyweight, Rage Thunderclap & Quake of Rage

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Posted 13 July 2013 - 06:31 PM

Gigan and Gigan Jr. have made face turns, Mewtwo and Mewtwo Jr. have turned heel since the previous post. It seems that a heel turning face on his own is exceedingly rare--I've seen it once since I first started playing this game over two and a half years ago, whereas there have been countless automatic heel turns. However, it is very easy to make a heel make a face turn--simply change "boo" to "cheer" in his superstar info panel, and erase all allies/enemies. Of course, you could add some face wrestlers as allies to strengthen his new, though tenuous, face status. I just added Yoshi (that cute, chubby little green dinosaur with a bottomless belly and an appetite...for destruction, it seems...heh heh) to my CAW list, so I officially have completely filled all CAW slots with some pretty good CAWs. However, I have begun to wonder if creating "junior" versions of a lot of CAWs is a bit redundant (and maybe a bit lazy). Sure, they're smaller and lighter versions of the original CAWs they're based on, but the only real thing that is different about them (besides their different entrances) is their finishers/signature moves. Other than that, their other moves are essentially identical, as are their attributes.

That aside, Yoshi's finishers are the rather ominous-sounding Chicxulub Impact (gutwrench crucifix Devastator with 360-degree spin) and the Eggbeater (reverse suplex DDT). "Yo, yo! SMASH!" I can just imagine Yoshi saying that, as he lifts his arm up in an "are you ready?" taunt before launching his Eggbeater while saying "SMASH!"

I believe I've come up with some really creative finisher names: Singularity, Event Horizon, Chill Pill, Icepick, Eggbeater, Chicxulub Impact (that one has to take the prize for "most intimidating finisher name"), Paradigm Shift, Quantum Leap, Hiroshima, Nagasaki (don't those two names send chills down your spine? Godzilla Jr. is a rather...sadistic fighter, despite his diminutive size)...the list goes on and on.

The most powerful finisher I've yet created, however, is the Pokemonslaught, nine consecutive, rapid-fire gut kicks followed by a stiff Super Kick. Guaranteed to bust opponents open after only two--or maybe ONE--application! Seeing Chill Penguin apply his Icepick finisher (a very stiff uppercut throat thrust while doing the splits to duck beneath his opponent) sends the appropriately "Chilling" shiver down my spine every time I execute that maneuver while playing as him. Just imagine a stiff, bony flipper jabbing savagely into your throat from below, as the performer of the move suddenly "disappears" out of view by doing the splits...ow.

Now, imagine a sharp, hook-like steel arm-blade smashing into your throat, smacking you to the mat, as it is applied by an angry, 750-pound, eight-foot-tall, cybernetic lizard-penguin. Once again, ow. And, as salt upon an open wound, Gigan doing The Rock's trademark crouch and hop around you. That, or waving his arm-blade in front of his beak, basically emulating Cena by saying: "You didn't see that coming, punk!"

Last little imaginary exercise, I promise (this post is already quite long): Now, imagine a 1000-pound, eight-foot-tall radioactive dinosaur breakdancing before dropping his easily 200-pound leg across your throat! The mere thought of something so massive able to breakdance would be enough to render all but the toughest leathernecks unconscious. Then, seeing that huge, green, tree-trunk-like leg coming down upon your throat at about 20 miles per hour. Naptime, fool! Nighty-nightmare! Heh heh.

Here is the ULTIMATE final list of CAWs: Mewtwo and Mewtwo Jr. (heels), Mew 3 and Mew 3 Jr. (faces), Gigan and Gigan Jr. (faces), Godzilla and Godzilla Jr. (faces), Rage Shenron (heel), Chill Penguin (face), Mechamewtwo and Mechamewtwo Jr. (heels), Darkmew and Darkmew Jr. (heels), and finally, possibly the cutest--though certainly not the weakest--of them all, little Yoshi (face). Do NOT make that little green guy mad--he'll make you--and the rest of the human race--wish you all were extinct, after he applies the Chicxulub Impact for the fourth time! It's the end of the world as we know it, it's the end of the world as we know it, it's the end of the world as we know it...and I feel fine! (REM reference there).