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CAWs-only SvR game!

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Posted 03 August 2013 - 03:52 PM

Yes, guys, it IS possible--you can simply "disable" all the default superstars/divas, and use only CAWs. It basically "evens" the playing field, IMO, as some of the superstars were too "cheap"--that is, they greatly overcompensated for their apparent "lack" in certain attribute areas in comparison to my CAWs. Usually, that meant they tried to counter practically EVERYTHING I threw at them, and they constantly spammed counter-proof or very hard-to-counter moves. They would also try to force me into situations where these moves would be easier for them to perform (say, deliberately Irish whip me in a diagonal direction, even though I wasn't going to end up in a corner, thus making me groggy on the ropes, whereas they would then use a running clothesline or spear--whichever they didn't use last time, in order to try to throw off my timing constantly). Playing against a CAW with maximum stats (except for Submission, which I set at 80) is a bit more "fair", as the AI plays "smarter", to better reflect the CAW's clever nature (especially for the likes of Mewtwo and his various formes/offspring). They don't just rush at me and try to overwhelm me with a constant barrage of irreversible moves. They'll maneuver around and "pick their spots", the way a real-life wrestler would. They will sometimes use counter-proof moves, but that's just because they're in the basic moveset of all my CAWs--a small arsenal of eight completely counter-proof chain-grapple moves ranging from the Emerald Fusion to the Samoan Spike. However, there seems to be a strange glitch going on, where my CPU opponent(s) will be able to execute a groggy grapple on me--when I'm not even groggy! It'll go down something like this: I'll throw a punch or kick, then the AI opponent will sidestep the strike, then immediately spear me with a groggy grapple! How does the AI even do that? Is there some really tiny window of grogginess that I can't even see (maybe 3 or 4 frames long) that the AI can take advantage of?