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Transfering Hacked CAWs Guide

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Posted 12 January 2008 - 08:06 PM

Transfering Hacked CAWs on SvR 2008
Credit: greatone690 and undertaker ba
Note: Method will be tested and guide will be updated if needed with new findings.

The purpose of this guide is to give you instructions on how to copy your created wrestlers in Smackdown vs Raw 2008 to another memory card..There are several things you will have to do in order to successfully copy a hacked created wrestler to another memory card...

To save some trouble i have put together the Layer Reset codes already. All you have to do is out together a REHACK code using the layer ID Mods and the layers that the restricted layers were before you reset them.

Restrcited Layer Reset codes(Comming Soon)

1. The 1st thing you want to do is load up your created wrestler you want to copy and make note of what Restricted layers you have hacked and what they are now like tights or gloves etc.

2 Now you need to decide what CAW slot on the other mem card...and you will have to get the layer ID mods codes for the CAW slot you want the created wrestler moved to...You will also need the values of what the layers were.

3. Now that you have your layer ID mod codes and your values if you need them converted you should get them done now...if you dont then you can put the layer ID mods and values together to make what we will call your "REHACK CODE" as that is what its going to do.

4. Now that the "REHACKS CODES" are made we can move on...now you will need the restricted layer reset codes for the created wrestler you want to copy...these will reset the restricted layers to enable you to copy your created wrestler.

5. Now you can input the restricted layer reset codes you got into your cheat device and turn them on(if you want to input the "REHACK CODES" you can but only turn on the restricted layer reset codes for now)..Start the game with the restricted layer reset codes on and then load the mem card that has the created wrestler on it then go into the options and save..Note:(this will save the game with the effects of the code but you wont be able to edit the created wrestler as it will freeze the game

6. Now what you do is load the mem card you want your created wrestler to end up on...and copy your created wrestler from the other mem card to the one you want it ...after you copy the created wrestler remember to save your game in the options menu.

7. Now you can load your cheat device and imput your :REHACK CODES" if you haven't already, then turn them on and start the game with them on..and with the mem card that you trasnfered the Created Wrestler to. Then go to options menu and save the game..This will put the hacks you originally had on you created wrestler back on and you will not have to do any editing..

Following this guide you will have succsessfully copied you hacked created wrestler to another mem card...take note that after its done the original hacks you had on you created wrestler will be the same after your done step 7.