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Front-grapple CAF Hacking Tutorial

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Posted 28 October 2014 - 10:00 PM

First off, to create a hacked finisher, you need to create a "default" finisher. By default, I mean, within the game's already rather liberal parameters. However, the in-game CAF mode has its limits, which can be pushed even further with the power of CWCheat or TempAR's built-in memory editor.

First off, you'll have to have already named your created finisher. Let's say it's named the "All-in". That's the default name the game will give to a created finisher if you simply press START after it announces you've created a finisher (the whole "You've created a Finisher." text box).

Perform a text search for "All-in", and your cheat device should zero in on the created finisher's location in the game's memory. Here's a hint: created finishers are stored just after the final (30th) CAW slot in the game's memory, so look for 0x005Exxxx or something to that effect.

The bytes you want to edit are located BEFORE the finisher's name, so look for rows of FF's. If your created finisher's animations were left at default speed, look for a group of 64's as well.

Normally, the highest speed the game lets you use is 150%. However, by directly editing the speed bytes of a finisher's animations, you can push this over 100% faster (the maximum is 255%).

Each CAF animation is two bytes in length, in Big-Endian mode (the larger byte comes last). Thus, for example, if your created finisher contains the Running Position animation at the start, you'll have to look for something that will appear like this: D2 43. You can then edit that pair of bytes to be ANYTHING on the list you want! You can even have a sequence of taunts if you want (but it won't do damage...:P).

Now get to hacking, and make the AI SQUIRM! *Insert crazy laughter here*