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Help Topic: Warnings, Suspensions & Bans

CDX does not tolerate rule breakers and therefore we must create rules and a warning system to ensure a friendly atmosphere for our members.


Warnings now last a minimum of 1 month, but will be removed whenever an Administrator feels it's appropriate. We do not have to remove warnings after 1 month or at all if we do not see the need to. Warnings can be accumulated for ,but not limited to, breaking offences found here or here.


Your account will be suspended if you maximize your warning level to 100%. All it takes is 3 warnings to accomplish a full warning bar. Your account will automatically be suspended for 7 days upon maxing your warnings. After your suspension period is over, you will still have a 100% warning level. It is up to you to earn warning decreases by following the rules and in no time you will have your warnings lowered. If you fail to accomplish this but succeed to earn another warning, your account will be suspeneded for 30 days. Further offenses may result in a permanent ban from the forum.


If you are caught using multiple accounts, creating a new account during a suspension period, or posting nude/ pornographic images, your membership will be terminated on the spot.

CDX reserves the right to modify the rules without notice. Please make sure to check the rules periodically to ensure you are up to date.