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Help Topic: Staff & Promotion Information

In order to receive a promotion to a Moderator, Global Moderator or Administrator the following must be required.

A. Respect of the sites Rules & Regulations, when these rules are offended, your chance of promotion = decreased.

B. Loyalty is necessary, you must be willing to help the site rise in whatever way you can.

C. Experience is helpful to aiding the site, if you have experience in Graphics, Codes/Saves, Games, Or other areas you may be considered over others for a job.

D. Judgment is the biggest, you must have good judgment in decision making. Despite the fact you should not make decisions on your own, first seek another staff members approval before doing anything, however your thoughts on issues are very important and should be expressed right.

Note: To ignore any of the above or to have an idle post-count in the Lost Level or the board you moderator for two weeks without notice equals a demotion.