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It's Time It's time It's Vader time

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Posted 07 November 2007 - 09:19 AM

Standard Actions

Ring In: Over the Rope
Ring Out: Over the Rope
Taunt: Powerful 7 Hold up 2 Raise Arm 1 Taunt Holly
Fighting Stance: Big Show

Strike Attacks: Clothesline 3 Toe kick 1 Slap 2 Double Axe Handle 1 Heavy combo 1 Body punch

Grapple Moves

QUICK: Back club Fury punch 2 Body knee strike Shoulder Thrusts
SUBMISSION UCM Suplex 1: Bearhug Headlock 4 Armbar 2 Sleeper hold
POWER UCM Lifit up : Falling Powerslam Scoop Slam 3 Clothesline 19 Backbreaker 7
CLEAN UCM Chokeslam: Wrist clutch & Elbow Scoop Slam 4 Neckbreaker 3 Gutbuster 2
DIRTY UCM Chokeslam : Triple H choke Headpound Eye Rake 2 Reverse Atomic Drop
POWER UCM Oklahoma: Giant Push Powerslam 4 Choke Toss Military slam

Grapple From Behind: Knee Breaker 2 Back Suplex 6 Cobra Clutch 2 Atomic drop

Top Of Cell Attack: It thrusts down x2

Strike Move: Angry stomp Elbow drop 1 Double Axe Handle 4

Grapple Moves: Big Splash pin, Mounted punches 3 Camel Clutch 1

Strike Attacks: Turnbuckle clothesline Turnbuckle body splash

Grapple Moves: Heavy Combo 2 Body Strikes Clothesline 25 Superplex 2

Grapple From Behind: Forearm to back Super Back Suplex Snake eyes Toss into Turnbuckle

Sitting Corner Grapple: Mudhole strikes

Groggy On Ropes: Outlaw attack

Rebound Attack: Shoulder block 1 Double axe handle 5 Valuting body press 2

Diving Out Of Ring Attack: Baseball slide 2

Diving Attack vs. Standing Opp: Head Scissors takedown 1 Double axe handle 3

Diving Attack vs. Drowned Opp: Diving Elbow Drop x2 Money shot pin

Running Strikes: Clothesline 14 Ho train attack

Running Grapple: Neckbreaker & Punch

Grapple From Behind: German Suplex 6 x2

Crouching Attack: Double axe handle 5 x2

Counter Attack: Back body slam Powerslam 1
Tag Team

Standing Tag Team: Double DDT Double beat head Double clothesline Double Suplex

Corner Tag Team: Body attack & whip Double stomping Double Powerbomb Kick To Gut 2

Finishers: Diving Moonsault 1 Powerbomb 6

Signature moves: Ho Train attack

Chair Finishers: Chair DDT x2

Combination: Body punch Benoit punches Clothesline 3

There it all is. How do you get the movesets in the archives?